Final Essay & Portfolio Dropbox Submission Links

Hey everyone, please upload your final essay on The House on Mango Street to this Dropbox link:

And your portfolio/retrospective cover letter here:

Please remember that these are due Wednesday, May 23rd by 11:00 PM. Also remember to review the submission guidelines (linked above), the MLA Works Cited Page guidelines on the Purdue OWL, as well as this  Guidelines for Revision handout before submitting your work

Thank you all for a great semester, and I’m looking forward to reading your essays!

Semester Recap

Course Evaluation Survey

Use this link to fill out your course evaluations. Sign in with your QC CAMS account, complete the evaluation, and after submitting it, go to “Surveys,” then “Completed Surveys,” find our class, and you should be able to click “Send Proof.” If you send proof of completion, I will give you extra credit towards your participation or homework grade.

Catch up for 4/26

Here is today’s PowerPoint on transitions and transitional phrases.

Here is a handout with a list of transitional phrases.

Sign-in Sheet for one-on-one conferences. Please remember what date and time you signed up for as your appointment to meet with me to discuss your plans for Essay 3.

Sheet for delivering your presentation.

Lastly, in a comment on this post, respond to the following questions:

  1. What do we learn from Culler about how an identity is created in literature?
  2. How does Maria Elena de Valdes interpret Esperanza’s identity?

Homework for 3/22

Following the exercise we did in class and using this template for an outline, make an outline for one of our secondary sources.

  1. Choose your secondary source based on the short story you’ve chosen to write about for your essay.
    -For example, if you’re writing about “Omelas,” you’ll be outlining “Narrative Voice and the Unimaginability of the Utopian ‘Feminine’ in Le Guin” by Rebecca Adams.
    -If you’re writing about “The Semplica-Girl Diaries,” you’ll be outlining “Guest/Ghost Object in the Garden: George Saunders’s ‘The Semplica-Girl Diaries’.”
    -If you’re writing about “Monstro,” you’ll be outlining “Apocalypse: What Disasters Reveal”
  2. Follow the outline template to break down the source to the core elements of its argument, structure, and organization. In other words, you’re annotating the source’s main ideas and supporting details into focused bullet points.
  3. The outline can either be typed up or handwritten to be submitted in class. The intent of this exercise is to provide you with a new way to read, understand, and analyze dense scholarly articles in addition to annotation and note-taking.

If you feel like you’re still struggling to understand the scholarly source that you’ll be using for Essay 2, use this assignment to help you break down the elements of the source’s argument to concise points that can fit into the outline template.

Homework for 3/20

Similar to the previous annotation exercise we did, annotate this Google Doc of Calvo and Sanchez’s essay, “Guest/Ghost Object in the Garden.”

However, in addition to annotating for unfamiliar words, names, references, etc, and identifying/paraphrasing main ideas, I’d like you to also point out to places in the text where the authors utilize outside sources. Based on our discussion in class today, identify whether they use a source as an argument source, contextual source, or theoretical source in your comments.

Remember, in order to comment, you can click on the icon that looks like a speech bubble with a + inside of it, or highlight the sentence you want to comment on and then click the icon (it should say “Add Comment”). I set the permission so that anyone can access and comment on the Doc, but if you are not seeing the Add Comment icon, you may need to make a Google/Gmail account if you don’t already have one.

Homework for 3/13

Based on your group discussions, contribute to the annotation of Rebecca Adams’s scholarly essay, “Narrative Voice and Unimaginability of the Utopian ‘Feminine’ in Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness and ‘The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas’.”

Your assignment is to contribute at least one comment on this Google Doc where you provide some annotative commentary on the essay. This can mean recording the definitions of unfamiliar/challenging words, looking up unfamiliar references to other authors or theories, identifying the main ideas of the paragraphs, identifying key terms, identifying where Adams performs close reading and analysis, posing questions, paraphrasing challenging sentences, etc.

In order to annotate, highlight the section of the essay you want to comment on, and add a comment where you offer a definition, a paraphrase, or an explanation of a certain concept. Be sure to end all of your comments with your name if you are not signed into a Google account.

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