Your coursework for the semester will be weighted as follows:

Essay 1: Close Reading (4 – 5 pages) – 15%
Essay 2: Lens Analysis (5 – 6 pages) – 20%
Essay 3: Scholarly Research Essay (7 – 9 pages) – 30%
Annotated Bibliography and Presentation – 5%
Blog Posts/Homework – 10%
Participation and Portfolio – 20%

Late and Missed Assignments, Drafts, and Final Essays

Late exercises and formal drafts will not receive written feedback. Submitting work late and failing to submit work at all make it much harder for you to do well on the essay.

If you do not submit any first draft of an assignment, the final essay grade will be lowered by one whole grade (e.g. from a B to a C). For late final drafts, your grade will be lowered by 1/3 (e.g. from a B- to a C+) beginning the minute after the deadline.  The grade will continue to go down by a third of a letter grade every 24 hours until the essay is submitted. All work must be submitted online and in class by the deadline in order to be considered on time.

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